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    Flochat, an evolved messaging platform, where you can chat, book, order, transact, browse and share content all within the messenger. Flochat allows your conversations to just FLO, with the integration of popular local apps for services like making food orders on Zomato, booking deals on Groupon, scheduling a ride with Careem or Uber, searching for content on Bing and sharing videos with friends on Youtube.

    Flochat has other cool new chat features; such as the EmoGIFS – converting Emojis to GIFs that allows you to animate yourself better, diverse Audio Filters, unlimited Edit and Delete options on sent messages.
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    Stitch, is another unique feature which is reinventing the selfie. Stich allows you to click multiple selfies in one frame using fun filters to showcase your different moods. Stich fuses your images together to create an expressive new way to share your selfies.